6/8/2020: It's the last week of school!  Please make sure you know what time you are scheduled to pick up your items at school this week.  If you haven't done so already, please register for summer school! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. 

Learning Disability Team Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:00-11:00

You can contact us during this time to get your questions or concerns answered.  Of course, please contact us ANYTIME you have a question or concern about your assignments or how we can help you continue learning at home.  We will get back to you!  

Learning Disabilities Team Contacts:

Mrs. Erin Kurzinger- kurzineg@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Tricia Saunders- saundetm@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Kayla Smith- smithkr1@pwcs.edu

Related Service Providers Contacts: 

Speech Language Pathologist - Ms. Alison Savannah - SavannAD@pwcs.edu
Autism Itinerant - Ms. Anna Brandon - BrandoAL@pwcs.edu
Occupational Therapist - Ms. Kathy Hopson - HopsonK@pwcs.edu
Occupational Therapist - Ms. Grace Tovar - TovarGL@pwcs.edu
Hearing Itinerant - Ms. Sissy Howard - HowardS@pwcs.edu
Vision Itinerant - Ms. Tamara Jackson - JacksoTJ@pwcs.edu
Physical Therapist - Ms. Erin Duncan - DuncanEC@pwcs.edu

Your child’s IEP goals are very important to us. We understand that during this time you may have difficulty targeting specific things your child needs to work on. As we know, IEP goals are catered and very specific for each student. Students may have goals in one area, or several areas, including academics or behavior. The following are some example areas of need that may be on your child’s IEP:
•Reading Comprehension: ability to understand what is being read and recall information from the text 
•Reading Fluency: ability to ready with accuracy, expression and at an appropriate pace. 
•Reading Phonics: ability to decode and blend unfamiliar words in order to read them 
•Math Calculation: ability to use strategies to solve math problems with a variety of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) 
•Math Reasoning: ability to understand math word problems in order to determine how to solve them correctly 
•Written Expression: ability to construct a sentence using the proper mechanics of writing (punctuation, capitalization, spacing) 
•Work Habits: these goals are specific for each student but may pertain with staying focused/attending to their work, organization, etc. 
•Social Skills: these goals are specific for each student but may pertain with controlling anxiety, interacting with peers/adults, etc. 
If you are having trouble with your child’s IEP goals or would like strategies that may help, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Mrs. Kurzinger, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Smith 
The Special Education Team

Learning Resources:

Math Aids:

Allowable Math Aids Templates.pdf

Social Skills Resources:
Calming Strategies 1.pdf
Conversation Topics 1.pdf

OSE Learning Resources:

PWCS Home Learning: 

Sudley Elementary School Library: Click on this link for some of Sudley's favorite reading websites to listen to books being read to you.  https://sudleyes.pwcs.edu/library


Please have your child login to reading and math at home. Your child will need to login to his/her Microsoft 365 account to get to the programs. The steps below will help you get there!  

More Resources:
Zones of Regulation https://www.theottoolbox.com/zones-of-regulation-activities/
Sensory Activities https://childhood101.com/sensory-play-ideas/