Welcome to Mrs. Harper's Third Grade Class! 
Page Update: June 7 , 2020

I can't believe it! We've made it to the LAST week of school!! I cannot thank parents and students enough for all of your hard work and dedication to be successful throughout this school year. I have loved being your child's teacher and am so glad I had the opportunity to watch them grow. I cannot wait to see all of you SOAR in 4th grade!!!

Remember to check our weekly schedule and complete ONE activity from EACH subject each day. The activities can be found on the choice boards that were sent via email and are on our Class Dojo page.

**Student material pick up will be June 11 from 12:30-3:30 at Sudley Elementary. This is also the time to return any classroom/school library books, or books that were given from Mrs. Pimpedly. Please check your emails/class dojo for more detailed information.

**Our next class Zoom Meeting will be on Wednesday at 10:00. I hope to see you there!

Our weekly schedule for our Virtual School House is below:

Hello Third Grade Students and Families!

Attached are activities your child can complete this week.  Yes, the work is optional, but we strongly encourage your child to complete these assignments.  These assignments are reviews of topics previously taught but will help keep your child’s brain active and will help prepare him/her for fourth grade.

3rd Grade Weekly Assignments

Week 9 (LAST ONE)!: June 1-5






  • Select ONE LanguageArts Activity


  • Select ONE Math Activity


  • Select ONE Science Activity


  • Select ONE LanguageArts Activity


  • Select ONE Math Activity


  • Select ONE Science Activity
  • Select ONE Language Arts Activity


  • Select ONE Math Activity


  • Select ONE Social Studies Activity
  • Select ONE Language Arts Activity


  • Select ONE Math Activity


  • Select ONE Social Studies Activity
  • Select ONE Science Activity


  • Select ONE Math Activity


  • Select ONE Social Studies Activity










Library Lesson



If your child receives additional instruction from any of the following teachers, please look at their webpage for activities:

Ms. Badr & Ms. Simon

Ms. K. Smith & Ms. Kurzinger  

Ms. Penn- Murray

Ms. Pimpedly

Ms. Cabrera

Mrs. Harper's Weekly Office Hours:
Fridays from 10-11 A.M.

However, if you have any questions or concerns
outside of my office hours, please feel free to
contact me and I will help in anyway I can.

PWCS has put out some great resources together for our virtual schoolhouse.
See the link below for some learning resources that are great for the kiddos to use as extra practice!

PWCS Home Learning


Clever Login Directions From Home:

  • Click on Clever (link is above)
  • Click on Login with 365
  • Type in username and password (be sure to include what your email address is below)
  • computerusername@pwcs-edu.org  (Ex: SmithXS@pwcs-edu.org)

Our Class Schedule

9:00-9:15  Morning Meeting 
9:15-9:55 Social Studies/
9:55-10:40 Encore
10:45-11:00 Snack
11:00-12:10 Math
12:10-12:28 Reading Lesson
12:28-12:58 Lunch
1:00-2:00 Reading Centers
2:00-2:30 Writing
 2:30-3:00  Recess
 3:00-3:30  Core Extension
 3:34  Dismissal

Encore Schedule
Day 1:  PE-Mrs. Manne
Day 2: Library
Day 3:  Art
Day 4: PE-Mr. R
Day 5:  Music