This link takes you to the 2nd Grade Teams schedule and "office hours". 
Grade 2 Distance Learning Schedule-Final.pdf

Here are the assignments for the week of May 25th, 2020 
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Thank you so much for your 
patience and support. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! 

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Welcome to Mr. Radford's 2nd Grade Class!

Below are suggested areas of practice that we have already gone over in class. In order to stay sharp and maintain mastery of these items, practice is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

-Double digit addition & subtraction (without regrouping)
-Fact fluency 0-12 Great opportunity to make flashcards
-Add a collection of coins up to $2.00
-Compare numbers- greater than, less than, equal to
-Round to the nearest 10
-Identify Place value-ones, tens, hundreds
-Multi-step story problems
-Ordinal numbers 1-20
-Identify numbers 10 more/10 less & 100 more/100 less than a given number

Language Arts:
-Identify theme (nonfiction) & main idea (fiction)
-Ask and answer questions about what is read
-Retell/write about a story-be sure to include the beginning, middle, and end
-Identify story elements
-Review nonfiction text features
-Prefixes & suffixes (ex-un, pre, re, mis, er, ly, less, ing)
-Make and confirm predictions

Social Studies/Science:
-Good Citizens
-Famous Americans
-Major Holidays
-Animal Habitats

Please visit the websites section for online practice!
To get into I-Station follow the directions: 

Our Class Schedule

9:00-9:15  10 Minute Math 
9:15-10:00 Encore
10:02-11:08 LA
11:13-11:43 Lunch
11:30-12:45 LA
12:45-1:10 LA
1:10-1:55 Core
1:55-2:40 Math
2:40-3:25 Math
3:25-3:40 Dismissal